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Normal People Are…Normal

I have a confession: I didn’t put a black square as my profile pic. I know, I’m a vicious racist. So how can I defend myself, and people like me, who obviously hate people that don’t look like me? Well…

Americans are largely not racist, sexist, bigoted, or possessed with hatred towards others. We want peace with our neighbors, and we want everyone to have a chance to succeed. We would never willingly participate in a system that oppresses others. We WANT equality, we just don’t agree that the current tone of Black Lives Matter and postmodernists, bullying us to support their political aims, is the way to achieve the most equitable society. We don’t believe that dividing people into groups is how a society achieves reconciliation. In fact, we believe that we are currently moving backwards.

We don’t like this division. We don’t like seeing a person of color, or conversely a white person, and thinking, “Is this going to be awkward if we engage? It didn’t used to be, but now I’m not sure.” Most of us have friends of other races, and if we don’t, it’s likely because of where we live or work, not because of an intentional choice. Most of us are open to removing, through democratic means, statues that honor Civil War veterans; we’re certainly open to debating the issue. However, we demand that this process be democratic and adhere to the rule of law, so that we don’t end up with mobs tearing down statues of slave-owners and abolitionists alike. If Abraham Lincoln isn’t woke enough, where does that leave us?

We don’t want a civil war. We want normal liberals, the liberals we know in our lives, to rein in the wackos on the far Left. We don’t want you to lose this internecine war. We want debate, dialogue, and democratic processes; we do not want mobs of authoritarian wokescolds trying to get people fired from their jobs for expressing such a radical notion as “males and females aren’t the same.”

Are there bad people in this country? Of course there are, in a nation of 330,000,000 people, it is inevitable that we have some people who are racist, sexist, bigoted, and hateful, and those people aren’t limited to one political party or worldview. When we encounter these people, normal Americans flee from them. However, we believe that even those with views we find gross have the right to express their views. In fact, we WANT people we disagree with to express their views so that we defeat bad ideas with good ideas. Society improves through debate, compromise, and reconciliation, not through the emotional destruction of people and places that may or may not have anything to do with the legitimate complaints of the people. The marketplace of ideas must be a place where people possess the freedom to say what they really think.

There is blame on both sides, there always is. We Americans, on both sides of the aisle, have been too willing to join in partisan, tribal bickering and attacks that do not move us forward. If we’re to move forward, we all need to be honest about issues, instead of blindly embracing simplistic movements like Black Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter. Extremists on the far Right and the far Left want us divided..are we going to let them?